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Ready to reconsider single-use plastic beauty products?

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Sustainability is not just another fancy word. It's a lifestyle of choices which we must embrace both as individuals and as decision makers. Here we present a few smart options of great European quality.

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Care for you,
Care for the climate
Care by Åberg

We believe consciousness about what we use and how this impacts the environment is key for creating a sustainable lifestyle. We sell sustainable products at a wholesale level to Hotels, Cruise Lines and beyond. Our products are carefully selected based on their environmental impact, with the ultimate goal to assist in the reduction of single-use plastics in these industries.

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“Caring for our clients needs is top priority. Offering a sustainable quality experience - is an easy way to contribute now”
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Swedish Sustainability

97% of Sweden is covered in forests and wilderness. As the climate is changing we see the direct impact of these changes, which make the country an active ambassador for sustainability. We find this a highly qualified inspiration source for creating Sustainable Quality Products at Care by Åberg

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